About Us

Errol and Phyllis have been helping several children and families in Nicaragua for many years now with food, clothes, college tuition, housing and boarding expenses. Their spiritual father, Bishop George F. Austin II, advised them that there is a better way to help these families at a larger scale by starting a non-profit organization. 

Their spiritual brother, Bishop George F. Austin III, directed them to a friend of his who generously helped them get the non-profit organization started on the journey of giving at a larger scale, thus making a bigger impact on the lives of the children and families in Nicaragua and where it is most needed. Giving is priceless to Errol and Phyllis and they look forward to embark on this journey with YOU through the Joy of Giving.

Our Mission

The Joy of Giving aims to support families and children by providing a safe environment for after school programs that help with tutoring, granting scholarships for students, providing meals before and after school, as well as assisting with clothing needs, and weekly grocery support for the elderly and families in need throughout the community.

Our Vision

To create a safe and cultivating environment where families and their children can thrive and envision a future of endless possibilities.

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